Thursday, May 12, 2011

Visit, Thursday.

Arthur is awake today, and his colour is better. The speech pathologist ordered moderately thickened fluids and foods for him. He has a urinary tract infection back and has pneumonia of the lower lung. I sat with him for about 6 hours then I visited my mother. 

While I was there, someone we knew from the soccer club came in, he recognised us. This man {beddall?) is 64 now. Arthur told him he remembered how good a player the man was for City in his hey-day.They talked and afterwards this friend said he would tell other people from the club.

I talked to Arthur and reminded him he has to be home for my birthday. I made myself appear happy around him. We talked about Manchester United and the EPL title. I said he needs to get back home to see the dogs. Arthur turned his head, and with his still-clear and beautiful blue eyes looking to mine, he said, "I just want to see you, you are all I want to see."

My whole body and soul aches with grief.

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