Monday, January 10, 2011

Sarcopenia, the strong man brought down.

Another three red areas, this time on Arthur's back, signal the threat of bedsores arising again. This time the redness is higher up on his back close to his spine. Bedsores are the pest of our lives. These areas, very small but worrying were discovered by the care-workers when giving Arthur his bed-bath. The nurse will be called to apply a protective dressing and I am propping him up with foam wedges and pillows to keep pressure off these areas. As Arthur has lost muscle-mass and is bony, the spine sticks out.

It is getting difficult to get him to eat enough and he is very reluctant to walk, especially in the hot weather. I don't blame him for wanting to stay in the cool but I do worry that he will lose strength. It is a delicate balancing act to encourage him to move around enough but not to sap his strength. The loss of muscle mass, Sarcopenia causes so many health and social difficulties.

This is a wake-up call for myself, and I need to start a personal exercise program. How many times have I done that and it comes to nothing.

But now I have seen my possible future with my own eyes. 

Progress. The Department of Health Investigation Team

5 January 2011
That was a nice call from a senior officer with the Department of Health Investigation Team. She explained that she was handling my complaint and outlined the process so far and what to expect next. She was friendly and helpful and genuinely appreciated that I was happy with the progress.

She has requested all the documents regarding Arthur's care including his care-plan, from his provider. While they request a 14-day response, in effect it can take weeks.

Some of the areas they will be examining include Arthur's care-plan and it's adequacy for his needs and whether he is receiving the correct services.

I am pleased with this response and the way the Dept of Health is keeping me informed.