Friday, March 25, 2011

Visiting Today.

Arthur stood up and sat back down three times on Monday, with the physiotherapist. It is a pity she s only there once a week as Arthur is not getting daily exercise, only when she is there. He is getting leg massages and sitting out in the air-chair daily, but it would be better of they stood him on his feet every day.

I am visiting three or four times a week and I know Arthur wants to be home under my care. I am bracing myself for a lot of hard work. I feeling depressed this week and I do not know if it is the worry about how I am going to care for him or if it is my muscle soreness. I am having a CT scan of my back today so maybe that will identify any problems.

All the problems seem to be overwhelming and doing my university tutorial this week was very stressful. I know I have t keep going with it. I wish I had the money to just retire but I do not. I probably will never be able to retire. Giving support to my son, who has depression, is such a drain but then again he is the only one who gives me any support, really.

I just want Arthur to have a comfortable and caring place and that can only happen at home with me.  I am going to visit him today.