Monday, November 29, 2010


Pillows and cushions are the casual labour of a household. We use them and discard them as the need arises. We can spend ages choosing covers, matching with the curtains or decorating them and then we stick them around the place ready to grab. They can line hard edges of a chair, stop a baby from rolling over or soften a hard floor for the unlucky who miss out when butts outnumber seats. A pillow-case can even be made into a girl's dress.What's better than hitting a pillow to relieve stress or the fun of a pillow fight?

 We cry our tears into pillows and dream our dreams on them.

There they sit waiting until we need them.

A time comes when pillows become essential to your existence. A little one to raise the feet to help prevent swelling, one under each hip to ease the pain in the coccyx, a couple to raise your head to see the TV and an essential wedge cushion to raise the upper body to ward of fluid on the chest, which can lead to deadly pneumonia, these all are needed for a comfortable and safe position. You are too weak to reposition yourself so your helper has to get the pillows and cushions just right.

Your life is your pillow.