Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alaskan King Crab Mornay and Roses

To celebrate our wedding anniversary. I made a dish of Alaskan King Crab meat in bechamel sauce at home and served it to Arthur in the nursing home. I made a bechamel sauce without onion or garlic, but instead, as it was for a fish dish,  used lemon juice, grated lemon zest and parsley with ground black pepper and salt.

I made up a bunch of flowers from my garden for Arthur and made sure there was some roses in it, because at our wedding we had a Rose Ceremony where we gave each other a red rose. I also took the Chelsea, the Tenterfield Terrrier, in to see him and he watched his favourite team Manchester United beat Marseilles in the UEFA Champions League quarter final. 

My son also dropped by to visit with his friend. He brought along his little Tenterfield Terrier puppy, BeeBee.

Arthur and I really enjoyed the afternoon together and it was a happy wedding anniversary.

Wedding Annniversary

Today is our Wedding Anniversary and my husband is not here.  I so wish Arthur was home today.

Arthur has settled into the home in Semaphore and the staff seem very good. Even though it is only for a few weeks respite, Arthur had been worried that he would not be coming home again. I reassured him that no-one could make him stay there and that he is coming home at the end of the respite period.

I have been visiting every second day, taking recorded English Premier League games on my laptop for him to watch, as the home does not have cable television or internet. I hooked my laptop up to my smart-phone and connected to the internet so Arthur could read the Manchester United FC website.

The dogs have visited too, and Chelsea our female Tenterfield Terrier and love of Arthur's heart, goes under his blankets and sleeps next to him for a coupe of hours while I am there.

The physiotherapist has had Arthur up on his feet once this week, so he has at least been standing. He has adapted to being transferred with an electric lifter quite well and most days sits out in the Princess air chair. 

I am going to try to make something special for Arthur to eat today. His swallowing mechanism is not good so everything has to be ground up and thickened but I am going to try to make  a dish out of an Alaskan King Crab leg that I bought for him.

I want to make this a happy Wedding Anniversary. I am so glad we are husband and wife.