Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back in Hospital

I had the locum doctor out last night. Arthur has an infection in one lung again, due to inhaling food or drink again. The doctor gave him an antibiotic and told me to call the ambulance to take himto hospital in the morning. I called Arthur's doctor this morning and she agreed so the ambulance came and now he is in a cubicle in casualty.

I told Arthur he will get an IV drip with antibiotics and fluids and will be back home in a week. I so hope I am right. 

He cam home and I am glad he is home and I do not want him to go away and now he is in hospital again. I rang my Mum and she was upset because she is guenuinely fond of him. She saiod he is fading and that it probably won't be much longer. I said I do not think he will see another Christmas and I agreed.

I am so sad.

This is heart-wrenching. I still cannot understand that life has to end. Why? Why must we be parted, how is it that all there is left is some water, minerals and electrolytes of tears? I am afraid to see him in hospital and I must get past this crying. I must be cheerful and optimistic. I must let him know that this is just a normal hospital admission for a course of antibiotics. I can't give into my fears, fear must not rule me.  

He must be so scared, death is so lonely. I tried telling him, a couple of nights ago, in the dark as we talked and held hands, he goes to wait for me and the dogs, he goes to be with his Father and Mother and brother, even his first wife who died so many years ago.  He goes to be with God, in Heaven as Jesus promised. He is not a great believer, but I told him he knows I am smart and I know it is right. My faith is shaky, and I ponder a death that is the extinguishment of everything, as the atheists say, a real end, a nothing. I hope they are not right.

He must be so frightened and yet he will not burden me with it. He once said a few years ago, talking about life, all good things must come to and end, and I said not yet.  I was right, and so was he  but I am no more ready for this than I was then.

He says little things to me, like so and so might be worth something one day, I must make sure I don't lose it. Always he worries that I will be alright, when I will have life and he will have left his here on this fragile earth.

He knows Anthony is alright, but he does not ask to see him. I will arrange a visit by Anthony when Arthur is on a ward and better. I think he doesn't want to be upset by saying goodbye to Anthiny each time he visits. Arthur hate saying goodbye.

So do I.

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