Saturday, May 14, 2011

The First Box Packed, and I Accept Reality.

Arthur is was eating and taking sips of fluids last night. His colour is better and he is talking. He complains of not being able to sleep and the staff woke him to reposition him, but otherwise he is looking okay.

This morning I started packing the kitchen up. I have finally accepted that this is nearing an end. Last night Arthur said he had not lot of time left and he wants to spend it with me. For the first time, I agreed with him. It was a profound moment. I have feared it for so long, cried bitter, frightened tears and told myself that we had years yet to live and love. Now I know we do not.

I am truly helping Arthur close his life with dignity and comfort, as much as I can. Today I packed up the first box, my kitchen implements and cooking pans I know I will not be using in this house again. I will cook Arthur no more pastries he so loved, much preferred to sponge cakes. His food is now pureed or soft. I will not be him cooking rock-cakes, roast dinners with Yorkshire puddings or pancakes, or mixing him a shandy or a gimlet drink.  When I made fruit mince pies at Christmas, when he would steal them from the cooling racks, trying to look innocent with mouthful of rock-cake.

Will these memories comfort or sadden me in the years to come?

Truly now, I am also helping myself to close my life as Arthur's wife. I am preparing to be his widow.

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