Thursday, January 27, 2011

Disappointed. A Carer's Lot.

The result from the Health Department Investigation Team came by registered post. They found myArthur's needs were being met, advised that I should be getting respite (which starts this week) and that nothing more need be done. (I will post scans of the letter later)

I was dumbfounded.'

Of course Arthur's needs are being met. And it is because I am making up the shortfall from the what I honestly believe is neglect of our needs by the provider! As their report clearly states!

It as cost me an injury to my back, a bout of depression, intense social isolation and chronic tiredness. I was told, when he came home from hospital, by the service provider,  in no uncertain terms that if I did not provide the shortfall that I had to tell Arthur he was going into a nursing home.

Arthur's program is now, per week:
Personal Care 7 hours
Nurse Care  2 hours (The nurse is here much less than this, so this must be a maximum)

Respite 3 hours

Total 12 hours.
And that costs the government over $42,000 a year!

I am considering my next step.

My friend said that I may want to consider the benefits of Arthur going into a home, our relationship won't be strained by this fight and my tiredness and injuries, I would know he will be getting the best of care and we can concentrate on enjoying the time we have left. It is a sensible option to examine, but emotionally, I told Arthur he would be at home as long as I had an ounce of strength left in my body.

Arthur is my husband; He will stay by my side until his death, unless I am too sick or hurt to carry one. I hope I am there when he passes. He is my husband and his place is with me. If the government, the agencies and the service providers will not honour our marriage and help facilitate what we want, to be together, so be it.

I will do it alone.

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