Monday, January 24, 2011

Respite or Cleaning?

The woman booked to do the respite came on Friday. I was told she could do some ironing and dusting etc while she was there and to make a list. I made a list of the things the cleaner does and the woman was shocked when she saw it. She told me she was booked for respite and does not do cleaning. She rang her agency and the service provider co-ordinator came out. We worked through our expectations, I expected the house to be cleaned (but only one of the bedrooms) and they thought I just wanted time out of the house. The co-ordinator was very helpful and now she is going to send someone who can do the cleaning for 1.5 hours and sit with Arthur for the other 1.5 hours.

I really did hurt my back and despite pain tablets and Celebrex I am still in much pain. I will need to see the doctor. As a result of not getting enough services I have sustained an injury trying to reposition Arthur after changing his pad all on my own. This is a disgrace.

Now the house is a mess because I am in pain and am avoiding lifting or moving things and that upsets me.

My daughter is visiting Adelaide in March. I will to get some dates so I can arrange respite care for Arthur so I can take her out. Things that used to be simple and straight-forward are a drama and a logistical nightmare.

I need to find some positives in all this but that is tough. At least I am here for Arthur when he needs me the most. It would be tragic if he had to go through this alone.

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