Saturday, December 18, 2010

Seven Days until Christmas

Seven days to go until Christmas and I have not even got one Christmas decoration, no tree or anything. This has all come so fast. For a while I didn't think we would do much for Christmas this year, being so sad, but I have got some shopping in and my sister is giving me a frozen turkey so I had better cook it. I am behind in the house work and am very tired but I will catch up tomorrow.

I am now looking forward to Christmas Day, a bit anyway. I will try to make it a happy occasion for everyone who comes.  My Mum and my two sons living in Adelaide will be there so it should be alright as long as Arthur doesn't get too tired.

Arthur is watching the Australia v England Test Cricket matches on TV and for once I want England to win. Even my mother says she doesn't mind England winning if it makes Arthur happy, and that is saying something for Mum. She is usually red-hot to see the Aussies beat the Poms. If it is a good close Test then it will be good for everyone.

I fell down the front steps yesterday and ended up with a twisted ankle. I so hate steps. I think that the elimination of steps should be a core subject for architects.

I least I have bought a Lions Christmas Pudding,

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