Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas was a success, now for New Year's Eve. Xmas Puppies!

Christmas Day was a good day. It was hot so we had prawns, Alaskan King Crab legs, cold meats and salads. My Mother and my middle son, Jason, came over and joined us. Arthur had a good meal, Jason and I went shopping on the day before Christmas and I bought seafood and lots of goodies and some new decorations.

Arthur originally said he wasn't much interested in Christmas, but when I put the decorations up on Christmas Eve he was very happy to see them. He enjoyed the seafood and the Rum & Raisin ice-cream for dessert. We had Xmas music and although there was not much room in the kitchen/dining room, it was a good meal. I was glad Jason was there to help and to share the day with us. Later Arthur told me how much he appreciated what I did. He said he enjoyed this Christmas, 'his last one' he said. My Mum also said it was a really good Christmas dinner, much better than a hot roast. I was pleased to have a happy day where we all had a good time.

Jason's Tenterfield Terrier dog had five beautiful puppies on Christmas morning. Mother and babies are well and so lovely.

We had a hot day today, and we are going to watch the Sydney Fireworks on TV for New Year's Eve. I am so glad Arthur is with me for this Xmas and New Year. We are happy and enjoying rest and relaxation. This is a very precious time for me.

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