Friday, December 10, 2010

Rain, rain, and more rain.

Rain falling and more rain falling. We have had one month's rainfall in one day.  The garden is glowing, the zuchinni is ripening and there is a cool breeze heavy with the scent of fallen rain. My red roses are going into a second flush and this time I will take a photo.

The long drought is broken. In the Eastern states there is flooding, with rivers and creeks long sluggish with scarce water, are now raging, and tragically taking lives. People trying the dangerous action of crossing fast flowing water courses have been drowned when their cars were swept away. Others have had there houses, business premises or crops, such as cherries, damaged by the water. The brave people of our emergency services are doing a wonderful job to help people in need. This includes many volunteers as well as emergency service professionals.

The water will certainly boost the river and dam levels and take the worry of low water levels away for a time. I am very happy with that. 

All this blessed water had had one negative effect, though.  The polls are showing an easing of general public's acceptance of anthropological global warming. More people than during the drought are saying they are not sure about climate change. As we have limited time to respond and need to take the scientists' advice on mitigating the effects of climate change, it would be a shame if we took the increased summer rain as a rain-check on action.