Sunday, December 5, 2010

National Broadband Network. I want it now, now, YESTERDAY!

The internet is my saviour and the National Broadband Network cannot some soon enough.
With my internet connection I am linked into the outside world. I use it for all the things I cannot do, now that leaving the house is difficult. The new media has almost totally replaced the old media as my window to the world. I do not buy newspapers anymore but keep up to date online. For instance, my favourite current affairs discussion site is Crikey.

I hope the naysayers who are questioning our National Broadband Network wake up from their bronze-age dreaming and join the rest of Australia in 2010, where people are falling over themselves to get connected. The worst thing about the NBN is that some people will have to wait eight years to get it. Australia being so huge the task so enormous, it will take eight years to install all the fibre.

Here is a thought.

Can we have a poll to find out how many Australians would be willing to pay a social-democracy levy to reduce the roll-out time? How much would it cost to roll it out in four years instead of eight? I know I would willingly contribute to a fund bringing the social and economic benefits of the NBN to all Australians ASAP.  Even though at the moment I do not know if I am in the queue at year one or year eight, I would still be happy to contribute.

I do know that if I was buying a house right now, I really would want to know when the NBN was being connected before I chose a place to live.

Will I connect to the NBN?

In a heartbeat.

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