Friday, December 10, 2010

Georgina, Social Worker Par Excellence.

The Social Worker from the TCP Unit visited today, doing a follow-up to see if we had settled back home alright. Georgina is a Social Worker's template on how to be a helpful and caring client advocate. She is very welcome visitor.

Georgina was a godsend to us in a very difficult and emotional time. It was a pleasure to assisted by some-one with such understanding, empathy, humour and a drive to help her clients. Too often when dealing with the Aged Services sector all you hear is what cannot be done. Georgina's approach is "What can we do? Let's see if we can do that, there is nothing lost by trying even if we don't succeed."

In the first meeting we had with the care provider, the Unit's staff and the health professionals, I was surprised and delighted to find someone there who was seeing things from our perspective and ensuring that our point of view was heard. To have a social worker supporting us meant so much Aged care is a sector where, more than any I have encountered before, a top-down service provision is the norm. The client fits in, the service does not fit the client. It is difficult terrain to navigate.

To have a positive and supportive voice in that meeting and the ones that followed, and the assistance with difficult negotiations over home support services, was a life-line for both Arthur and myself. Georgina really made a difference.

I do not know if you are reading this, but if you are, thank you, Georgina.

Thank You Flower

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