Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Arthur has pneumonia.

Arthur is in hospital, diognosed with pnuemonia from respirating food or fliuds. He was breathing shllowly on Monday so the nurse from the service provider called the ambulance for me. He is on antibiotics now, and is eating and drinking fluids so he does not seem in any danger.

I called the doctor out twice last week, and the ambulance for the paramedic to check hm out because I was worried about him. He was having difficulty walking, was not eating enough and or drinking enough fluids. He must have been developing pneumonia but showing no signs, not even a raised temperature, becasue they did not find anything to be worried about.

The Lyell McEwin Hospital is very impressive and all the staff seem to be on-the-ball. he is in a single room and the nursing staff are very good.

I am very flat emotionally and I am having trouble getting myself going to do things. I will be visiting him later and I hope to find him resting comfortably.  This will probably be a week or so hospital stay for him.

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