Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bamix Forever

With myself almost numb from shock, we talked with  the Meals on Wheels lady who organised Arthur's deliveries of a hot lunch 5 days a week. This is more to get people into the house than to ease the load on me, as cooking for Arthur is not a problem, and to ensure if I am out, someone will be checking on him at lunchtime, as this is part of their role too. For $A6.50 a day Arthur will get his lunch delivered from tomorrow.

I bought a new Bamix hand-held blender yesterday. My own one, a secondhand 1970's vintage, stopped after 40 years of service in home kitchens. This Swiss made appliance is worth the extra money, $200 as apposed to about 40-odd  for lesser brands, a Bamix will last 25 years without missing a beat. This thing will probably out-live me. I must leave it to someone in my will.



  1. Hi it is Meme - I already love your bloggings-- I think it is good place to talk - of things we cannot -----------

    I know the bleeding of the heart--

    I will comeback soon-- hugs from Meme I had a blog somewhere here but right now I cannot remember the pass and the title

  2. Hi Meme,
    As this is an open blog, I will not put anything that compromises your privacy.
    It is good to hear from you.
    Sounds like I had better print out my blog details in case I can't remember it one day too. :)